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Top ways to experience Old San Juan | Best Tourist Attractions

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San Juan ATV Adventure Tour

Looking to use a personal 4×4 ATV? Check out one of the top ways to spend a day in Puerto Rico! This tourist attraction allows you to spend 3-4 hours exploring the outdoors on a four-wheeler. Guests of Clue Murder Mystery are always raving about how fun the ATV tours truly are!

Old San Juan Murder Mystery Tour

Clue Murder Mystery is far from your average history tour. Have you ever played the game clue? What about an escape room? Well, imagine each of these combined into a self-guided investigation that leads you around the cruise port area!

About Clue Murder Mystery
About Clue Murder Mystery
#1 cruise excursion puerto rico
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#1 walking tour old san juan | history, tourist attractions

Unlike most, Clue Murder Mystery sets itself apart from the average history tour. Have you ever played the game clue? What about an escape room?

Well, imagine each of these combined into a self-guided investigation that leads you around Old San Juan!

During your investigation, you will be walking to 8-10 spots that are tourist favorites, local hotspots, history, scenery, or just somewhere we think boasts the uniqueness of Old San Juan.

Guess what else?! You have the freedom to grab a drink, stop and shop, or do whatever your heart desires along the way. We want you to explore the downtown area near the cruise port as you please!

Clue Murder Mystery is also a great team-building activity because of the way it requires multiple mindsets to solve the clues. You must work together if you want to be the fastest team to solve the murder mystery.

Check our Google and TripAdvisor reviews to see what everyone has to say about our Murder Mystery in Old San Juan!

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Old San Juan Murder Mystery Tour
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Learn someHistory Of Old San Juan
The Gate of Old San Juan
Best Walking Tour Old San Juan
Amazing views |Best Walking Tour Old San Juan

“Among the Best Tourist Attractions In Puerto Rico”


Are you ready to be entertained for hours while at one of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico? Luckily you’ve stumbled upon one of the top things to do in Old San Juan! Thousands have already tested out our murder mystery and they’re all loving it!

Old San Juan’s first ever self-guided murder mystery tour presents an exclusive competition that allows you to put your detective skills to the test! Put your friends/ family in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes so you can investigate your way around the downtown area!

This is not your average Murder Mystery tour. Nor is it the typical “walking tour” that you may have experienced in the past. Instead, Clue Murder Mystery has developed a self-guided tour that allows you to be in charge while discovering Old San Juan.

This is perfect for families who have teens, or groups that struggle to make it through a tour because it fails to keep their attention!!  Check out what Some of our investigators have had to say on Google and TripAdvisor..


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Old San Juan Puerto Rico’s #1 self-guided tour


Don’t forget, the scavenger hunt style of tour allows you to conduct your investigation while checking off each of your Old San Juan Puerto Rico tourist attractions. The nice part is, you have the freedom to choose the way you explore, so you won’t be stuck following a tour guide.

“WHAT?!?    You said walking tour, but without a tour guide?”

Yes, you heard correct!! This game was developed to give you the most unique experience while trying to:

            -Find historic sites of Old San Juan

            -Find Old San Juan attractions for tourists

            -Immerse yourself in Puerto Rican Culture

            -Eat amazing food in Puerto Rico

            -Stop shop around at stores

            -Grab a refreshing drink!

With this in mind, our team developed an investigation that will strategically guide you around areas near the Viejo San Juan Cruise Port. As a reminder, you will be conducting your investigation on your own (with help if needed of course).

This allows you to take your time while learning about the historic sites in Puerto Rico. You may also find yourself stopping to shop around, or grabbing a drink along the way.


What else to expect..

Discover the most Unique way to explore downtown Old San Juan | Self-Guided Murder Mystery Tour

Our mystery is filled with some very challenging clues that take you on a self-guided tour around Old San Juan. If you are familiar with the escape room style of thinking, you may have an idea of how we laid out some of our clues.

You are encouraged to work together while conducting your investigation. The clues are designed to be tricky so you can work as a team to solve for the murderer, murder weapon, and location of the murder!

Clue Murder Mystery makes for a great Team-Building activity in Puerto Rico!!

So, grab the family or some friends, sign up, and get ready for an interactive adventure that allows you to have a blast while discovering Old San Juan!!

Best Tourist Attractions In Puerto Rico |

Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt Old San Juan

Before the tour, each team is given a list of suspects along with a packet of tricky clues, confusing riddles and mind-bending puzzles. In addition, a map that shows you where to look for clues. This map will systematically lead you to explore Downtown Old San Juan.

As a result, some of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico will be along your route. These include the historic sites of Old San Juan, the beautiful Caribbean Ocean views, a plethora of restaurants with cultural cuisines, and much much more..

Your team of investigators will use your wits and a little bit of creative problem solving to reveal different clues throughout the investigation. Each location’s clues are entirely different from the last. This is why it helps to work together. Everyone’s brain works different, which may make members of the team useful for some of the clues while others they are not.

During your Old San Juan investigation, your team will be competing against up to ten other teams. Each of the teams will start at a different location throughout the Old San Juan area. The individual teams will each lead their own separate investigation.

Incase you may have forgotten, we will NEVER put groups from separate bookings on the same team.


Who wants to lead the investigation and win the friendly competition?

The Winning Team for one of the top things to do in Old San Juan:

  • Ultimately reveals the murderer, and can convict them with proof
  • But first Makes it to each of the Puerto Rico tourist attractions
  •  also needs the least help from while investigating
  • is the fastest group to complete the entire investigatiom

One of your investigators will need a cell phone to call for hints if you cannot figure out a clue during the investigation of  historic sites in Puerto Rico that we lead you to.

Please note that a smartphone is not needed, and will not help you with the clues we provide you with.. Everything else you need to participate is included with the purchase of a ticket. In addition, You do not need to know your way around Old San Juan or have any sort of background of the area in order to complete the scavenger hunt.

Also, want you to know that you have the option to do a shortened version. If you are booking a teambuilding, private event, or just don’t want to walk the entire course, we will gladly give you a shortened route.

It’s a great way to experience the area near the Viejo San Juan Cruise Port.. So, why not do it exactly how you like on your self-guided tour?

Anyone making a day trip to downtown OSJ?

You will see the breathtaking sights and explore unique Old San Juan attractions during your investigation. Please be aware that Clue Murder Mystery are EVENTS, not every day walking tours.

Our team gathers groups together for a friendly competition. This adds to the thrill of the experience. Unlike some other companies, we will NOT combine your team with strangers. We DO limit the number of teams at each event to ensure that each team gets a separate starting point.

Doing this allows teams to spread out. This way multiple teams are not seeing exactly what the other teams are doing.

Each team solves all of the same clues, but in a completely different orders. If you’ve ever competed in another scavenger hunt, or clue based race, you probably know this makes a HUGE difference.


– The ideal team size for one of the next best tourist attractions in Puerto Rico is 5-6 people. (Please sign up as a full team, we do not combine groups of strangers, and our event tickets are limited)

– Lots of teams sign up as 6-person teams, which is typically alright. But, depending on how well your group works together, it might be difficult to share clues and keep everyone involved. Keeping this in mind, 4 – 5 people per team is usually the most fun.

– Remember, you can play as a 3-person team but it helps to have more eyes to locate the clues/ more minds to solve the puzzles.

– PLEASE NOTE: We allow 2-person teams, but we do not recommend it. Some of our 2-person teams are not able to complete the full course. To add to this, you will need to purchase at least 3 tickets to form a team. So, you can form a team with only 2 people, but you still have to pay for 3 tickets.

– Lastly, Bring water, snacks, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes.