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Stop N’ Shop

Have you ever been on a walking tour where you were required to be here or there at a specific time but wanted to shop around instead? Clue Murder Mystery offers the perfect self-guided tour that gives you the freedom to hit each of the boutiques you see along the way! Old San Juan is filled with street vendors & cute little shops that we don’t want you to miss out on while you’re exploring the downtown area! Does this sound like a #1 cruise excursion for Old San Juan yet?


Grab A Drink

We know it can get hot. This is why our self-guided tour gives you some of the best  recommendations for spots around town to grab a refreshing drink. The perfect experience of the downtown area starts with checking off your list. So if you’re looking for a few cool bars around town, we’ve got your back. The freedom our tour presents, allows you to stop for drinks along the way!

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Create your Pace

The nice part is, our tour is entirely self-guided. This means you can pick n’ choose where you want to go during your tour. You can stop and enjoy the history, or go hang out near the ocean views. Whether you want to see all the tourist attractions or local hotspots around town is entirely up to you. You can tour the area at your own pace. You can solve some clues. Don’t forget about relaxing a minute. What about taking a headfirst dive into the culture of the downtown area!?

Why do we think we are the #1 Cruise Excursion Old San Juan?

   Whenever you think about going on a day trip or some sort of vacation do you realize how important your time is? Making sure you hit all the spots you’d like to see within your travel time frame can be tricky. This is exactly why we took this into account while trying to design the best cruise excursion near the Old San Juan cruise port.

   The average cruise ship allows around 8 hours at each port for their cruisers to explore as much of the island as they can. Clue Murder Mystery’s scavenger hunt tour typically takes between 2-3 hours to complete. This means that you will have plenty of extra time while you are on your short visit to Puerto Rico.

   The other nice thing is, our tour takes you around the Old San Juan area to each place we believe you must see before leaving. On top of this, you even have the freedom to navigate the area however you would like. We are proud to say that are investigation is unique, and is the only self-guided murder mystery in the Caribbean!

   What exactly does a “self-guided tour” consist of?

   The tour was designed so that each group can have the opportunity to stop to shop, grab a drink, or snack along the way. We want you to explore the area at your own pace. This way, you don’t miss anything that you might’ve enjoyed if you had been rushed around all day.

   The material you need to investigate will guide you to multiple locations around the downtown area near the cruise port. By the end of the tour you will have had the chance to solve for a murderer, a weapon, and location. This, all while working together as a team.

#1 cruise excursion puerto rico

What sets Clue Murder Mystery apart from the competition?

     You could compare the style of thinking to be similar to that of an escape room, but our murder mystery is a little different. Your family or group of friends probably don’t want to be trapped inside while spending a limited amount of time on an island. This is why we made sure to keep you outside where you can see the beauty of Old San Juan!

    Clue Murder Mystery has also found a way to take your average history or sightseeing tour to the next level. If mom and dad still want a bit of exploring.. This is a perfect way for the kids to still have fun. They will be a part of your investigation while discovering Old San Juan!

    When you take a step back and look at your checklist of things you’d like to do while in Old San Juan. Do you think you can fit it all in within 8 hours?

    Clue Murder Mystery likes to acknowledge your time in Puerto Rico as a whole when you book with our company. We are confident your experience with our investigation will be a great time, but we like to make sure your entire trip to the island is one to remember!

    Our unique murder mystery is among the top cruise excursions in Old San Juan because we take the key aspects that a traveler is looking for and jam them into one exciting event. Guess what else? You will still have over half of your day to spend in Old San Juan after completing our mystery.

What other cruise excursion in Old San Juan offers the chance for

   -excitement for all ages


   -history and culture

   -local favorites

   -touristy hotspots

   -freedom to navigate on your own