About Clue Murder Mystery

Puerto Rico’s number one way to explore Old San Juan

Your team will be competing against up to ten other teams. The teams will start throughout the Old San Juan Puerto Rico area. The individual teams will each lead their own separate investigation.


Are you ready to visit Puerto Rico be entertained for hours? Old San Juan Clue Murder Mystery presents an exclusive competition that allows you to put your detective skills to the test!

This is not your ordinary Murder Mystery. Our mystery is filled with some very challenging clues that take you on a self-guided tour around Old San Juan Puerto Rico. So, grab the family or some friends, sign up, and get ready for an interactive adventure that allows you to compete against others!!

Each team is given a list of suspects along with a packet of tricky clues, confusing riddles and mind-bending puzzles. Our clues will systematically lead you to explore Downtown Old San Juan.

Your team will use your wits and some creative problem solving to reveal clue in the investigation. Each location will differ entirely from the last. While you go to each location you will eliminate suspects. Then, ultimately discover who the Old San Juan Puerto Rico Murderer is!

CMM Puerto Rico’s Winning Team

  • Reveals the murderer
  • Needs the least help from headquarters
  • Is the fastest

Someone from your group will need a cell phone to call the me for hints when you cannot figure out a clue. Please note that a smartphone is not needed to solve the puzzles, and will not help you in your endeavors. Everything needed to participate is included. You will not need to be familiar with the area, nor have any specialized knowledge to win.  Both locals and tourists will have a blast when they check out CMM’s tour around Viejo San Juan.

You have the option to do a shortened version if you’d like. If you are booking a teambuilding or private event, we can also customize the courses to be shorter.

Our tour is a great way to experience Old San Juan. Let’s get outdoors for the day and enjoy the amazing scenery and historic surroundings of OSJ!

You will see the breathtaking sights and explore unique areas. Please be aware that Clue Murder Mystery are EVENTS, not casual walking tours. We will gather large groups together for a friendly competition throughout Old San Juan Puerto Rico.

This adds to the thrill of the experience. Unlike some other companies, we do not combine your team with strangers. We do limit the number of teams at each event to ensure that the investigation is not flooded with too many investigators.

This limit essentially spreads the teams out so they are not seeing exactly what the other teams are doing. Every team solves all of the same clues, but in a different order. If you’ve ever attended someone else’s scavenger hunt or clue based race, you’ll know this makes a huge difference.

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HELPFUL TIPS for Puerto Rico’s #1 Walking Tour

– The ideal team size for most is 5-6 people. (Sign up as a full team, we do not combine teams out of strangers). – Lots of teams sign up as 6-person teams, and it’s usually fine. But depending on how well you work together, it might be difficult to share clues and keep everyone involved.

So, 4 – 5 people per team is usually the most fun. – You can play as a 3-person team, but it helps to have more eyes to locate the clues, and more minds to solve the puzzles. – We allow 2-person teams, but we do not recommend it. Most 2-person teams are not able to complete the full course. And you need to purchase at least 3 tickets to form a team.

So, you can form a team with only 2 people, but you still have to pay for 3 people. – Bring water, snacks, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes.



If the forecast says light rain we will have the event. If the rain is predicted to be heavy, the show will be cancelled. Refunds are issued if you bought tickets from this website and you don’t want to reschedule. If you bought vouchers from another website, you can reschedule, but their policy on refunds will prevail.


If you can’t attend an event, you can reschedule to another date, but you are required to give Clue Murder Mystery at least five days-notice for any refunds!

No Refunds within this 5 day period.



Coupons & discounts do not apply on holidays. If you have been quoted a price for a larger group, the rate will still apply. Contact for details.

Starting Point (subject to change): 2 Paseo De La Princesa, Calle Shurmberg, San Juan, 00901.

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