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Looking for some fun activities Old San Juan has to offer?

Honestly, we understand planning out your trip is stressful enough. Worrying about choosing the right things to do while you want to relax, should not be of concern! Clue Murder Mystery‘s team designed our investigation to mark each of the activities Old San Juan has, off the list! 

While crafting the mystery, we thought about each type of traveler that may be coming in to explore the downtown area. Tons of tourist not only want the history, but also the shopping, the refreshing drinks, and local cuisines too! Oh and don’t forget, it’s important to take tons of photos too.

Old San Juan’s first every self-guided mystery allows you to all of this. While also working together with your team of investigators to solve the mystery! 

We’ve loaded your investigative material with recommendations for your exploration of the new area. 

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Don’t overspend on other tours!!

Most of the food tours you will find start at $120 a person, and just go up from here. For a family of 5, you spend well over $500 and get a small bite of this or that at each spot. We know the best spots in town, and allow you the freedom to stop as you please. For the same price you’ll get a couple of meals, and some souvenirs to take home too! 

In addition, having the freedom to set your own pace gives you the chance to stop in stores or places that might peak your interest. On a typical walking tour, you most likely wouldn’t be able to hold up the entire group. Ultimately, this really stinks when all you wanted to do was peek your head in!

Trust us, there are tons of unique local shops around town you’ll want to check out! Check out Clue Murder Mystery, and don’t miss out on the best activities Old San Juan has to offer!

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If you aren’t finding times or dates that work for your group, shoot us an email or give us a call! Our team is super flexible and  would love to find a time that works for you.

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