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The best attractions Old San Juan has to offer

Is your group traveling to Puerto Rico but aren’t exactly sure what attractions Old San Juan or the island has to check out?

Then, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Clue murder mystery has the ultimate guide around the Old San Juan area for you. In addition to this, we are pretty familiar with the island as a whole. So, we’d love to be an asset to your trip. 

Whether you need food spots, places for a drink, or maybe even a couple of hiking trails.. Our team would love to help you out!

Don’t hesitate to ask us about any of your travels to Puerto Rico!

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Why should you choose our mystery?

First and foremost, our mystery was designed to meet the needs of each type of traveler coming into Old San Juan.

Whether you are looking for a couple Instagram photos, some local shops, or food/ drinks, we’ve got the recommendations that’ll help you check all this out. The mystery even allows you to set your own pace. This way, you don’t feel the need to skip over places that may be interesting to you as you pass by them.

Our team sends you by the best attractions Old San Juan has. Feel free to spend as much time as you would like at these spots. Ultimately, you have the choice to set a leisurely pace, or bust out your competitiveness to race against the competition!

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So, If you are worried about a date that is not currently listed. Don’t stress, we can always add new dates or times that fit your travel plans!

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