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What is Clue Murder Mystery?

Our team spent 1000s of hours crafting a unique way around Old San Juan. CMM wanted to create a fun way to bring the family or group of friends together while exploring a new area.  

Investigate 8-10 spots in the historic area and use the clues to find out who the murder was in downtown OSJ. After you visit each of the locations you’ll have noticed that you not only solved the mystery, but checked out some really interesting areas around town.

Hundreds of people have been labeling our new way around town as “One of the best Carnival Excursions in San Juan.” Do you and your team of investigators have what it takes to explore a beautiful town while investigating your way through our mystery?!

Please read the next couple of paragraphs to find out what sets us apart from other excursions!!

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Why is this the #1 Carnival Excursion in San Juan?

Have you ever been somewhere touring around the area and the guide takes you past an interesting place to shop. Or maybe you smelled some tasty local food, but you were with a large group. So, you couldn’t try what had you nearly been drooling over.

Our mystery gives you the ability to do all of that and more. It was crafted to be entirely self-guided if you’d like. This means you can stop wherever peaks your interest. We’ve also provided you with tons of recommendations for food, drinks, desserts, and photo spots!

Don’t worry, anyone interested in some history can learn a little while they solve the investigation. If you group isn’t worried about a self-guided atmosphere just let us know, and we can tag along to provide loads of extra information about Old San Juan!


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No need to stress.. If there is nothing currently available with our Carnival Excursion in San Juan for the date you are looking for, contact us!

Our guides are super flexible and would love to adjust dates or times to fit when your ship may be at the port. 🙂 

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