Carnival Mardi Gras Excursion

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

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#1 Carnival Mardi Gras Excursion Old San Juan

Our self-guided mystery is built to meet the needs/wants of multiple types of travelers. We give tons of recommendations for photo spots, desserts, drinks, or food you may want to check out along the way.

The nice part is, our mystery is designed to give you a unique way to discover the area. So, by the time you solved the murder mystery, you’ve also seen a list of places you’d want to check off on your short time in downtown Viejo San Juan.

In addition, you will have had the chance to immerse yourself in the culture at your own speed. This way, you can explore the area exactly how you’d like (without a tour guide dragging you past the locations that peak your interest).


Carnival mardi gras excursion

Discover Old San Juan

Are you visiting Old San Juan Puerto Rico on a cruise ship? Do you want a fun way to explore the downtown area? How about the freedom to stop n’ shop around? Or the ability to grab a drink or snack when you see something that catches your eye? What about a quick salsa dance with some locals when you hear music from down the road? We guarantee we are the best Carnival Mardi Gras Excursion there is!

Look no further! Clue Murder Mystery is the perfect half-day excursion for your limited time in Old San Juan. 

Set your own pace, enjoy the food, and immerse yourself in the culture. All while working together to solve who the murderer was in Old San Juan!!


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Why choose our shore excursion?

We are not just focused on the travelers who are looking for a fun game to play around town. We truly strive to meet the needs/ wants of each individual traveler coming into town for our murder mystery.




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