Location C

Carnival cruise excursion san juan port

Once you have found the location from the image above, you are ready to start your clue.

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Don’t leave Location C until..

     Make sure you solve for 2 numbered clues at this location before moving onto location D. Remember you can always read through hints or answers if you have any trouble finding the answer. You can also check the hints/answers to verify the things you solve for.

Quick Hints

    You will need to look around the area for ANOE. The clue also talks about using ANOE’s opposite. Use the exact numbers found opposite of ANOE, do not flip around.

Brief History

    The Gate of San Juan was originally erected in 1635 and used to be the access point for civilians coming into the city. There were originally 5 gates, but this is the last remaining of the 5. The other gates were typically used for merchant/ military use. Some of these gates were removed when they removed a section of the fort for quick access into the city.

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