Old San Juan Self-Guided Murder Mystery

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We’re Going Digital!

Your custom
Old San Juan

Product Not Yet Available. Still under testing… Stay tuned!

If you’ve already checked our original Clue Murder Mystery product out…


You probably know it costs $57 a person!



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Though this price remains competitive with other 1/2 day excursions..


Clue Murder Mystery’s goal is to make it more affordable for your family or group of friends! 



Our digital version provides an almost identical experience, for only a fraction of the price!

More Affordable!

The tour will be switching to a group price model. This means for groups of 1-2 people (which wasn’t previously allowed) the price may not change a lot. The cool thing is, we will now be accepting groups smaller than 3.

Groups larger than 1-2 people will benefit from this change the most. We will update the actual pricing after development and testing are closer to being completed.

More Flexibility!

Allowing investigators to start their self-guided tour when they please, and end when in their minds “its over”. 

The digital mystery allows you to have the freedom when it comes to starting and finishing your tour. Without an in-person guide, you can start at 8 am, or 2pm, anywhere in between, or after (depending on the time of year, around 6pm it will get dark and affect the mystery).


The nice part about the digital tour is that you book for a single date, but receive 48 hours of access.

This gives you an extra day to explore Old San Juan if something were to pop up during your trip. So if you book for Jan 1st and you decide that day you feel like kicking your feet up on the beach instead… DONE, you can do the tour Jan 2nd (and don’t have a set time to be there).



More Cities!

The development of Clue Murder Mystery’s digital tour is going to allow expansion! If you like our tour, feel free to email us and let us know where to put one next!