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Explore Old San Juan the right way!

Don’t let a tour guide take you past all the food and shopping!! Solve our murder mystery that guides you around town while allowing you to set your own pace. Yep, that’s right, explore Old San Juan the right way with our “outdoor escape room“.

We provide you with 2-4 hours of investigating that takes you to 8 or 9 unique spots around town. At these locations you will need to work together with your group to solve clues. The clues will help you make eliminations for suspects, weapons, and locations. 

When you solve the mystery you’ll have given yourself a tour around the area! Don’t forget how we said you can set your own pace too. You can stop anywhere and anywhere you’d like to along the way. 

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What to expect with Clue Murder Mystery..

Expect to be immersed into some of the culture and history as you are walking from clue to clue. There are tons of great snacks and desserts around town that the locals have been eating for quite some time now. In addition to these, we make sure you know the best photo spots around town.

How will you prove to the folks back home that your group was here to explore Old San Juan without a couple of photos?

How about a couple refreshing drinks? We know where the first ever Piña Colada originated, and where the largest craft-beer house in PR is. Right along the path of our mystery.. So why not make your exploration a fun one.

Your group doesn’t want to follow you around on google maps out in the sun. They want a fun way to Explore Old San Juan that has them truly immersed!!

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