History: Location A

Location A’s clue is set around Raices fountain just along Paseo De La Princesa (Built In 1853), a colonial pathway that runs below the fort walls. The fountain was erected in 1992 to honor the 500 year mark for the discovery of the Americas. The figures on the statue depict the Taino, African, and Spanish heritages coming together as one. Many traditions with food and dance have continued until this day.


On Sundays you may find locals dancing under the trees at the beginning of Paseo De La Princesa. If you’re looking to immerse yourself, dance along! If you’re not looking to dance, there are plenty of Puerto Rican Treats in the white tents along the pathway.


The Pinchos in the white tent near the across from the tourism company ( grey/white building near fountain) are HIGHLY recommended. This snack is a piece of chicken on a stick with either a Pique or BBQ glaze.


If you enjoy looking at art, feel free to enter the tourism company and check out their contemporary art exhibit!


Another fun fact, the tourism company that you passed walking to the fountain used to be La Princesa Jail (Built in 1837). Ironically it is now the tourism company. Behind this building there are a few jail cells attached to the base of the fort.


To access the jail cells first check if the green gate to the left of the tourism company’s entrance is open. If this gate is open, you may enter and see the jail cells. If the gate is closed, I’m very sorry to inform you that you will not be able to see them.



            -enter through the gate

            – go to the back of the buildings

               (toward fort wall)

            – Turn right, go to other end of building

              (behind the building)

            -You will see an archway

            -Enter through the archway

            -Jail Cells are found on the left side


La Princesa Jail was in use from 1837-1965. After this it sat for almost 25 years before being rehabilitated. The tower and clock on the building were not on the original blue prints for the jail. In 1854 these were additions were made when a new Queen began her reign in Spain.


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