MSC Seashore Cruise Excursion

Old San Juan

MSC Seashore Old San Juan

MSC Seashore Cruise Excursion

If your cruise’s itinerary has OSJ on it’s list, you don’t want to miss out on the #1 MSC Seashore cruise excursion way. The best way to explore the downtown Old San Juan area!

Our murder mystery gives you the freedom to explore Viejo San Juan at your own pace.

While solving the mystery:

-You have the ability to shop around

-You can grab a snack or drink

-Immerse yourself into the local culture 

-Option for a friendly competition against others

The nice part is, our outdoor escape room style of mystery, was carefully crafted. This was done to take you to each of the places we think you need to see within your limited time on the island.


msc seashore old san juan excursion

Not Your Average Cruise Excursion

Have you ever explored an area with a tour guide, but noticed you were passing interesting spots that you wanted to further investigate?

Clue Murder Mystery gives you the chance to go check out and music you may hear, or foods you may smell along the way. At no point during the tour are you forced to be at one point or another.

If you want to spend 20-30 minutes at your favorite scenic view around town. DO IT!  With out murder mystery it is truly your pace.

This is unless you would like to compete against other teams who sign up for the mystery. When more than one group books for a particular date, our team of investigators opens the mystery up to a friendly competition. 

So, are you looking to take home GOLD? Or does setting your own pace sound like the perfect way for your group to discover Old San Juan?

Your group has to try our the best MSC Seashore Cruise Excursion!

murder mystery old san juan