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   Be the cool trip planner and choose CMM. Every group is made up of individuals who may or may not want the same things while on vacation. This is exactly why Clue Murder Mystery strives to meets the needs of everyone.

   Your exploration throughout downtown Old San Juan Puerto Rico will never be the same now that you’ve discovered our tours! Learn a little bit of history, grab some refreshing drinks, shop til’ you drop, or immerse yourself in the food & culture of Viejo San Juan with CMM!!


The investigation is designed to not only get you working together, but also have you stopping in at hard to find spots around town. We’ve got all the recommendations you might need along the way too! 100s of our investigators have given recommendations for snacks, drinks, and food around town (or near their hotel/ air bib).

Here is a snippet of some of the investigators / locations found near our murder mystery.

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   We bet you have not tried out a murder mystery like this! Come check out the Caribbean’s first self-guided mystery tour. 

Similar to an escape room, but entirely outside, CMM remains unique to it’s own.

We are first in class when it comes to providing loads of fun around Old San Juan.

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Ask yourself this… 


   What 3 things do you want out of a day trip to Old San Juan?

   Clue Murder Mystery likes to say that we meet the needs of each different type of tourist.



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