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Don’t Spend another Friday/ Saturday night at home bored..

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The #1 way to spend time working together with family & friends!

Let’s Solve A Crime Online!

At Home Entertainment

    How often do you find yourself spending 100s of dollars just to keep the family entertained on the weekend? 

    Sherlock At Homes presents up to 4 hours of entertainment for just $25!!

    The nice apart is, you get 30 days of access to the mystery after making your purchase. So you could break it up and do 1 hour this weekend a 2 the next or vice versa..

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Perfect for Team-Building 

      Do you need a cheap way to encourage some communication and collaboration within your group?


     Sherlock At Home will have each of your team members familiarizing themselves with the strengths/ weaknesses of others.


     Knowing where each member of a team performs best allows for a much more efficient environment.

fun things to do at home

4 hours of Entertainment for $25

    Last evening Mr. Maverick’s daughter was murdered at the Maverick Mansion. Fill the shoes of Sherlock from the comfort of your home!

    Investigate 8 different locations around the mansion in order to solve for 1 Murderer, 1 Weapon, and 1 Location of murder.

    You can expect a couple hours of entertainment with the purchase of Sherlock At Homes. In addition to this, each member of the group will have the chance to show off their skills as they proceed through the mystery.  

   Each clue is entirely different from the last, and often requires more than just 1 mindset in order to solve it! 

So what do you say? Are you ready for a couple hours of investigation? We want to see who is capable of solving the entire mystery!

Do you have what it takes to work together and solve each location?

best at home entertainment online
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