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Private events can be reserved any day of the week.

Clue Murder Mystery has everything needed to make your next team-building event increase collaboration, trust, communication, and motivation!

The clues are unusual and multi-leveled, so to win, teammates must collaborate to find answers within the evidence they find. Each clue from location to location is designed to be completely different from the last, which allows every participant the opportunity to uniquely contribute towards the success of their team.

What makes Clue Murder Mystery exceptional is the balance: When clues are too easy, it’s not engaging and there is no need for collaboration… If the clues are super difficult, it becomes too mentally defeating, and that’s no fun at all.

Each team takes a different route around Old san Juan, but solves the same clues. This is done in a different order from team to team. Depending on each team’s skills, something that stops one team, another team may find to be very easy, and vice versa. This allows every team to have a very different experience. Most times when all of the teams gather together at the end of the hunt, they have many of the set-backs the encountered to compare and talk about with each other.

The tricky and mind-bending competition motivates players to work with their teammates with the common goal of solving the murder before every other team.

Our events are intricate and designed to be challenging for adults unlike most other scavenger hunts and clue based games, which are suitable for children. Most importantly. This is a really FUN way to explore Old San Juan!!!

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Private bookings can be reserved any day of the week. These bookings can be customized to be shorter if you don’t have as much time as is listed in our descriptions. Contact us to discuss pricing options that will fit your budget. It’s more affordable than you may think…:

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Clue Murder Mystery is great for private events for all occasions. It will be an adventure your guests will never forget! Clue Murder Mystery is perfect for birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties or any occasion you have to get a group of people together and enjoy Old San Juan.