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#1 Royal Caribbean excursion San Juan

If you’re looking for something that fits each member of your large group or family, our Murder Mystery in downtown Old San Juan is perfect! Tons of cruisers have labeled it as the “#1 Royal Caribbean Excursion  San Juan”


We crafted this mystery to create a unique way around town. While investigating, you’ll have the freedom to stop n’ shop, grab a drink, or find some local food to try out.


You can even pop around to some of the photo spots we provide you with in our list of recommendations! 


Work together, explore a new area, and enjoy all the local hotspots at your own pace. Come see if if others are right when saying CMM is the #1 Royal Caribbean Excursion San Juan.

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Royal Caribbean Excursion San Juan run down. 

When contacting us or booking, notify us that you will be arriving on a Royal Caribbean ship (or any other cruise line), so we can meet you right at the port.

We will create a custom route for your Royal Caribbean excursion in San Juan to strategically take you past some of our favorites. 

When you aren’t immersed in the recommendations (for food desserts, drinks, photo stops), you will be checking out 8-10 locations where you must solve clues.

The clues will lead you on an investigation where you ultimately find a murderer.

After doing so, you’ll have realized you spent a couple hours trekking around. Exploring tons of spots you won’t find while just googling for things to check out!


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Please note that we are open to custom dates and times. This does not cost any extra, sometimes we just don’t have your exact date posted!

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