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Top Tourist Attractions | Old San Juan Puerto Rico

If you are looking for the top tourist attractions around Old San Juan or just want to see each tourist attraction it has to offer, you should check out Clue Murder Mystery! This is a self-guided tour around Old San Juan  that takes you to many of the tourist hotspots and local favorites. It does all of this, while guiding you along to solve a murder mystery. This is definitely the most exciting way to explore Old San Juan because of its unique concept.

            The outdoor-escape room style game forces you to use teamwork and collaboration to further along your investigation. The tricky clues and brain teasers will challenge your ability to rely on what others can bring to the table because one person cannot simply solve this on their own. This is why it is not only great for groups coming to vacation on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, but also for those coming off a cruise ship and those looking for corporate team building in Old San Juan too.

If you would like to be involved in one of Old San Juan’s top tourist attractions you must start by forming into groups of 4-6 people. Three person teams work, but make it more difficult to solve, which leads to a less enjoyable experience than if you would have 4-6 people. You can also do two person groups, but we only allow you to book in teams of 3 people or more. This being said, you will pay for a third ticket if you book as a two-person team. We will not pair you with strangers so please have groups of at least 3 or more.


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This event is perfect for groups of 3+

Once you have a team, book an event with Clue Murder Mystery one of the top things to do in Old San Juan! From here you will meet with our team and we will give you your packet of classified information. You will take this information and the map included within it and go to 10 different locations. The locations are tourist attractions, local favorites/ hotspots, and beautiful sights to see. At each of the 10 locations you will look and use your surroundings to solve a spot specific clue. The clues will not be found on google so you must work together as a team to keep your investigation moving. You must stick together which means you cannot work on sperate clues.

When you solve a clue at eat location you will be notified which suspect, weapon, or location to eliminate.  The scavenger hunt deliberately takes you to each of the best spots around town. You must stop at each location in order to eliminate each potential killer and weapon in Old San Juan’s number one murder mystery.

Our event can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on each teams drive to win. Is your team going to come for a friendly competition? Or are you going to use the game to explore Old San Juan at your own pace? The number one tour in Old San Juan allows you to choose for yourself so you can have as much fun as possible! If you want to book an upcoming event that takes around to each of the top tourist attractions Old San Juan has to offer CLICK HERE.